Sunday, February 13, 2011

DKA 3rd Konkani (Romi Script) Convention & Cultural Programme 2011

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Tisrem Konknni Romi Lipi Sahitya ani Sonvskruti Sommelon


Dalgado Konknni Akademi
ghoddoun haddta


Prof. Dr. Olivinho Gomes Xar
Kala Academi Goy, Campal, Ponnji

19 ani 20 Febrer 2011

Ghorcheam, Xezaraem ani Ixttam sangata hajir zaunk vinenti.
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Valentine Day 2011

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Friday, February 11, 2011

DKA to hold Third Konknni (Romi Lipi) Literary & Cultural Sammelan



DKA to hold Third Konknni (Romi Lipi) Literary & Cultural Sammelan

Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), an organization working for the promotion of Roman script will be organizing its Third Konknni (Romi Script) Literary and Cultural Sammelan on 19th & 20th Feburary 2011 in Panaji, at Kala Academy.

In the meeting of DKA in Panaji, Fr Conceicao D’Silva was elected as the Chairman of Reception Committee of the Sammelan, Shri Bonaventure D’Pietro as the Working President and Pio Esteves as the Secretary of the Sammelan.

Fr Conceicao D’Silva is presently the parish priest of Carambolim church. He has served as a curate in parishes of Verna, Tilamol and Calangute and as a chaplain in Ambelim chapel. Therafter he was the parish priest of Mandur church. He is actively involved in social, cultural and sports activities. He promotes Konknni in Romi script through different modes. He is known for preaching the word of God in Goa and abroad. He recently received the state award for his immense social work at the hands of the chief minister Digambar Kamat.

Bonaventure D’Pietro is a multifaceted personality, with involvement in music and journalism. He has contributed much for the cause of Konkani. He has penned several books in Konkani. He has to his credit eight novels, namely Kallea Vistidachi Choli, Clara, Mhozo Paicho Fondd, From Goa With Love, Ek Bhett Mungllurchea Xharak, Jimmy, Tichea Mornna Uprant and Janya Celli. He has also received several awards from different institutions for his immense contribution to Konknni in Roman Script.

Pio Esteves is a journalist by profession and presently working for The Times of India. He is also a writer, cartoonist and musician. He has authored six Konkani books, namely Kupam, Pakham, Sallkam, Ambott-Tik, Kaddyo-Boddyo and Jinneche Panvdde. He is a regular contributor to magazines like Gulab, Goan Review, besides weekly Vavraddeancho Ixtt.

Third Konknni (Romi Script) Literary and Cultural Sammelan is an attempt to bring together all lovers of Konknni. This conference aims to create enthusiasm and love and to foster unity among the Konkani speaking people.

Jose Salvador Fernandes
Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)
Goa, India
Mob: + 91 9881810832
Email: konknno at

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dalgado Konknni Akademi's Orthography Book Released

Dalgado Konknni Akademi's Orthography Book Released

“Konknni literature should be produced in all the scripts of that languagea in Goa, and if the Konknni language is developing through the Romi script there is nothing wrong in it, said Dr. Nandkumar Kamat, a renowned scientist from the Botany Department of Goa University.

He was speaking as a chief guest at the Dalgado Konknni Akademi’s (DKA) book release function “Romi Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit” a book written by Fr. Pratap Naik, S.J. The function was held at Tiatr Academy’s Hall, at Campal, Panjim.

On this occasion, Vice- President of Goa Konknni Akademi Vincy Quadros, President of DKA Premanand A. Lotlikar, Secretary Jose Salvador Fernandes and Fr. Pratap Naik were seen on the dais.

“This book is of international standard as far as the orthographic content is concerned, and it is in terms with the linguistic standard set up by UNESCO. Books of this kind and other literary values should be uploaded on the website with the aim of reaching to all Konknni speaking people scattered all over the world,” stated Dr. Nandkumar Kamat in his speech.

He also stated that hi research work brought him to the conclusion that Goa is not the 'mullpitth' of Konknni, as Konknni is the language of adivasi tribe. Dr. Kamat also added, that of all the 6,875 languages spoken in the world, Konknni is ranked 125th language, and this exhibits the strength of Konknni language.

“Anybody is free to write in any script, finally the Konknni should be preserved,” said Fr. Pratap Naik, who prepared the orthography of Konknni in Romi script and published by DKA. He also stated that the future of Konknni lies in Romi script and that he will dedicate his remaining life for the development of Konknni in Romi script. “After the liberation of Goa if the primary education was imparted in Romi script, today the goans would not have moved away from language” Fr. Naik opined.

Shri Vincy Quadros spoke about the book. Executive member of DKA and President of Tiatr Academy, Goa Tomazinho Cardozo welcomed the gathering, and DKA secretary Jose Salvador Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Eliton Fernandes compered the function.

Jose Salvador Fernandes, Secretary
Dalgado Konknni Akademi
AF-6, First Floor, Campal Trade Centre, Campal,Panjim, Goa
Ph: 0832-2221688
Mob: 9881810832

PHOTO CAPTION: Chief Guest Dr. Nandkumar Kamat seen at the book release function along with (L-R) DKA Secretary Jose Salvador Fernandes, President Premanand A. Lotlikar, Fr. Pratap Naik and GKA Vice-President Shri Vincy Quadros.

[As forwarded to gaspar almeida, by DKA]

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amontronn - DKA-chea 'Romi Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit' Pustokachi Ugtavnni


Dezembrache 18ver, Dalgado Konknni Akademi, kallachi samkich goroz aslolem pustok
"Romi Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit" pustokachi ugtavnni korchi asa.

Tea nimitan, hem Amontronn - DKA-chea 'Pustokachi Ugtavnni' kolit kortat.  Mukhel soire: Manadik Dr. Nandkumar Kamat, Goy Vidyapittachea 'Botony' Khateantle Vijnan.

Pustokacher Uloupi:
Vincy Quadros, Up-Odheokx, goa Konknni Akademi.

Premanand A. Lotlikar
Odheokx, Dalgado Konkani Akademi

Tumchea ghorcheam ani ixttam sangata hea dobajeak hajir ravunk vinoytanv.
Tumchea sohokar khatir adinch Dev borem korum mhonntanv.
Mog asum,

Jose Salvador Fernandes
Dalgado Konknni Akademi
AF-6, Poilo Mallo, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Ponnji, Gõy
Fon: 0832-2221688 Email: dkakademi at