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Dalgado Konknni Akademicheo Yeuzonno

Dalgado Konknni Akademicheo Yeuzonno

Bhou manestamno,

Dalgado Konknni Akademicheo 2009-2010 vorsa khatircheo yeuzonno tumak
dhaddtam. Ghoddta te porim tumchea masik-potrantlean ani 'net'-avelean
zata titlo tacho prochar korcho mhunn magnnem. He khobre khala hich
khobor inglezintlean dhaddlea.

Fattlim 20 vorsam Romi lipintlean Konknniche udorgoti khatir pengott
bandun vavurpi Dalgado Konknni Akademin (DKA) Konknniche Romi
lipintlea borovpeam ani sod-vavr korpeam khatir 2009-10 vorsacheo
apleo veg-veglleo sahitik yeuzonno jahir keleat teo khal dilolea
pormannem asat.

1.Pustokam Uzaddaunk Yeuzonno

a.‘Kombri’ Pustok Yeuzonn
He yeuzonne khal azun-ui jea borovpeanchem Konknniche Romi lipintlean
pustok uzvadd yeunk na, tanchim pustokam chhapunk DKA 100 tok’ke
duddvanchi mozot diteli. Pustok chhapun zatoch, DKA-chea nema
pormannem borovpean DKA-k pustokacheo 100 kopi diuncheo poddtoleo.

b.‘Pikavoll’ Pustok Yeuzonn
Zanchim hache poilim pustokam Konknniche Romi lipintlean uzvadda
aileant, ani te anik pustok uzvaddaunk sodtat tosleank, ‘Pikavoll’
Yeuzonne khal pustokachea khorchak DKA 80 tok’ke duddvanchi mozot
diteli, urlele 20 tok’ke pustokachea borovpean khorch korche poddtole.
DKA-chea nema pormannem he yeuzonne khal borovpean DKA-k pustokacheo
100 kopi diuncheo poddtoleo.

Voilea don-ui yeuzonneam khal sahit'yache veg-veglle prokar, zoxe
porim mottveo kotha, kovita, tiatr, nibon’d, adi. chhapunk DKA umedin
mozot korteli.

c. Sod-Vavr
Konknni sahit’ya, sonvskruti, somaz oxea torechea khuinchea-i
vixoyancher adarlolo sod-vavr DKA Konknni vo Inglez bhaxen chhaptoli.

d. Adlem Girest Sahit’ya Yeuzonn
Nanvostea borovpeanchim adlim sahitik pustokam he yeuzonne khal DKA
portun chhaptoli.

e. Lokvedachim Pustokam
He yeuzonne khal DKA Gõychea lokved-gitachim vo Gõychea lok-vedak
lagu zaupi gozali Konknni vo Inglez bhaxen, vo don-ui bhasamni

f. Choritram/Monograf
He yeuzonne khal DKA Konknniche Romi lipintlea nanvostea
borovpeanchim vo sahitikanchim Choritram (Biographies) vo Monograf
(Monographs) Konknni vo Inglez bhaxentlean uzvaddaitoli.

2.Borovpeank Provas Onudan Yeuzonn
Konknniche Romi lipintlea borovpeank dusrea bhasantlea sahit’yachi
adhunik pod’dot somzunk ani tanchea sahitik vixoyachi zannvay ani
somjikay melloupacho soeg diunk, Konknniche Romi lipintlean
sahit’yache veg-veglle prokar kelloitolea panch borovpeank DKA
‘Borovpeank Provas Onudan Yeuzonne’ khal vinchun kaddteli. Vinchun
kaddlole borovpeamni xezarchea rajyank bhett diun, thoinche bhaxentlea
aplea avddichea sahit’ya prokarachi vollokh gheunchi poddteli.

3.Konknni Sonvsthank Tenko
Romi lipintlean Konknni bhas ap-aple porim samballpacho vavr Gõyant
Konknni sonvstha kortat. Osleo sonvstha ghoddun haddtat tea
karyavollinchem rup polleun, DKA tankam tea karyavollim khatir
duddvancho tenko diteli. Punn tea adim tannim te vixim lagu zaupi
DKA-che nem’-kaide pallche poddtole.

Konknniche Romi lipintlea udetea, novea toxench her borovpeank DKA
hea yeuzonneancho faido gheunk ulo marta. Voilea yeuzonneamni bosta
toslo aplo sahitik vavr pustokachea rupan uzvaddaupachi konnak-ui
khuxi asa zalear tannim aplea hatborpavollicheo tin kopi Novembrache
30ver, 2009 vo tea adim Xri Premanand A. Lotlikar, Odheokx, Dalgado
Konknni Akademi (DKA), 9, First Floor, Miranda Hospital Building, Opp.
Canara Bank, Moddganv, Gõy hanga diuncheo. Vo Xri Jose Salvador
Fernandes, Sekretar, Dalgado Konknni Akademi, 3rd Floor, John Paul
Building, Classic Commercial Centre, Church Square, Ponnji, Gõy hanga
haddun diuncheo. He vixim odik khobor zai zalear, upkar korun
9881810832 hea numboracher fon korcho.

Borem Magun,

Jose Salvador Fernandes
Sekretar, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)
3ro Mallo, John Paul Imarot,
Classic Commercial Centre, Chuch Square,
Ponnji, Gõy



Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), a premier institution for promoting Konkani in Roman script is pleased to announce various financial schemes conceived to assist writers and researchers to publish their literary works in Konkani in Roman script for the financial year 2009-2010. Various financial schemes declared are as under:

Publication of Books

a) ‘Kombri’ Book Scheme:
Under this scheme, a writer’s first book will be published for which DKA will bear 100% cost of the book.

b) ‘Pikavoll’ Book Scheme:
Under this scheme, the writer will be given 80% of the cost of the printing of the book by DKA. The remaining 20% will be borne by the writer.

Under the above mentioned two schemes publication of books of Short Stories, Poems, Dramas, Essays, etc. will be considered for publication by DKA as per the scheme.

c) Publication of Research Works:
Any book of research related to Konkani literature, culture, social aspects, etc. will be published by DKA in Konkani or in English.

d) ‘Adlem Girest Sahit’ya’ Scheme
Under this scheme publication of old Konkani literature will be taken up. Books published in olden times by renowned writers which are not available in the present times shall be reprinted under this scheme by DKA.

e) Publications of Folklore
Publication of books on Goan folk art, folk theatre, folksongs and matter related to Goan folk culture in book form shall be published in Konkani or English or in both the languages under this scheme.

f) Publication of Biographies/Monographs
Biographies/Monographs of renowned writers of Konkani in Roman script shall be published in Konkani/English under this scheme.

Travel Grant to writers
In order to understand the modern trends in literature in other languages and in order to give opportunity to writers in Konkani in Roman script to acquire thorough knowledge and understanding of their literary subject, DKA under its ‘Travel Grant to Writers Scheme’ will select five deserving writers of different literary forms in Konkani Roman script this year. The selected writers will visit the neighbouring states and study the literary form of their choice in that language.

Miscellaneous Activities
Numerous activities for the promotion of Konkani in Roman script are organized by different Associations/Organizations throughout Goa will be given financial support by the DKA as per the nature of the programme.

DKA appeals to all the budding as well as established writers and researchers to avail the benefits of the various schemes declared.
Those interested in publishing their manuscripts under any of the above schemes are kindly requested to send three copies each on or before 30th November, 2009 to Mr.Premanand A. Lotlikar, President, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), 9, First Floor, Miranda Hospital Building, Opp. Canara Bank, Margao, Goa, or Mr. Jose Salvador Fernandes, secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi, 3rd Floor, John Paul Building, Classic Commercial Centre, Church Square, Panjim, Goa. For further details, kindly contact on 9881810832.

[As forwarded by Dalgado Konknni Akademi to / gaspar almeida]

Friday, September 18, 2009

Athaide Municipal Library to complete 125 years in Nov

Athaide Municipal Library to complete 125 years in Nov


Athaide Municipal Library situated in the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) will complete 125 years of its existence in November.
It may be recalled that when Goa was under the Portuguese regime, Dr Joaquim B Azavedo constituted a committee under which Athaide library was established on November 12, 1883.

Fr Francis Athaide had devoted his life in imparting education to thousands of youth in Bardez and in his memory a library was named as Athaide Bibliotheca (Athaide Library).

On April 9, 1897, the library was handed over to Camra de Bardez. After the liberation, Municipality Act came into force in 1968 and the library was taken over by MMC.

Speaking to Herald, Librarian Dyaneshwar Parsekar said that Athaide Library is the oldest Library in Mapusa, which subscribes 24 newspapers and 56 magazines, national and international covering politics, social science, health, information technology, entertainment, cookery, automobiles, economics and sports.

“Library serves about 5,700 members with a membership fee of Rs 10 for students and Rs 25 for adults. We have done the digitalization of old documents such as Government gazettes,” said Mr Parsekar.

On November 14, 2007, the children’s corner was opened in the library with the assistance of Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata, where educational CDs and computers have been kept for the children.

“Library has also set up separate reference section for the benefit of students of schools, colleges, universities and other readers who are doing research work and preparing projects,” he added.

Library is automated with e-granthalaya, a digital agenda for library automation and networking form National Informatics Centre.
MMC has earmarked Rs 1,15,000 for purchase of books, newspapers and magazines for 2008-09.

“Existing space is not sufficient for the library. Since library is completing 125 years on November 12, we will get Rs 1,50,000 from the Central Government for the purchase of computers, books and organize competitions,” said MMC Chairperson Sneha Bhobe.

“However, library does not receive any grant from the State Government,” she added.

Mohan Tendulkar, a library member, said that since 1980 he has been coming to the library regularly.

“This is a unique library where all types of books and journals are available and with the setting up of the children’s corner, this library has fulfilled the demands of children,” he added.

‘Chronicler of Siolim’ Sebastian D'Cruz passes away

‘Chronicler of Siolim’ passes away

GT NEWSROOM: Sebastian D’Cruz, popularly known as the ‘Chronicler of Siolim’, died early Monday morning, September 7.

The researcher-writer-musician brought out his first publication ‘Know The Parish and Village of Siolim’ in 1982.

Sebastian, fondly remembered as ‘Club Uncle’ for having worked as a caretaker of the famed Football Club of Siolim for two decades, also published ‘The History of the Siolim Church’, ‘Parish and Village of Siolim’, ‘The Churches of Bardez’, ‘The Life of St Anthony and Siolim’ and other publications, which included two highlighting the celebrations of the Sao Joao feast in the village.

Since 1982, the year of the platinum jubilee of the St. Anthony’s Church, Sebastiao would set up a stall selling his own books besides other religious books and items at the church gate unfailingly every Tuesday for St Anthony’s novenas.

In his death, the village loses a multi-faceted person, who was a writer, publisher, musician, sportsman, choir-master, sacristian, interior decorator, painter, caretaker, historian and researcher.

Sebastian leaves behind his wife and five children. The funeral service will be held on September 9 at St Anthony’s Church at 3 pm.
[Source Gomantak Times, Sept 8, 2009, Page 4]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MUKHEL ULOVP - Romi lipientle Konknnichem Poilem Sahityik ani Sonvskrutik Sommelon

The following is the text of a Keynote address delivered by Dr Pratap Naik, S.J. the Director of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Alto Porvorim during the opening session (21.12.2008) of First Konknni Literary and Cultural Conference (Roman script) held at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao from 20 to 21 December 2008.

Romi lipientle Konknnichem Poilem Sahityik ani Sonvskrutik Sommelon
20 -21 Dezembr 2008
(Mukhel Ulovp)

Pai Tiatirst João Augustinho Fernandes Sal
Moddgão, Gõy
20 .12 . 2008

Machier aslololea bhov manestamno, bhavamno ani bhoinnimno,

Tumkam somestank Dev bori sanz dium.

Moddganvchea Pai Tiatirst João Augustinho Fernandes Salant Dalgado Konknni Akademichea fuddarponna khal Az ani faleam Romi lipientlem Konknnichem Poilem Sahityik ani Sonvskrutik Sommelon zata hi khobor fokot amkam mat nhoi punn sogllea Konknni lokak sontosachi ani obhimanachi. Punn aicho dis Konknnichea itihasant dukhacho dis. Kiteak 22 vorsam adim heach disa Konknni bhaxechea chollvolli vellar amchea bhava Floriano Vazak aplo jiv diuncho poddlo. Uprant kaim disamni her so zonnamni aplea jivachem bolidan kelem. Dev tanchea otmeak xanti dium ani tanchea magnnean hem sommelon zoitvont zaum.

Kal ami Gõycho suttkecho dis monoylo. Gõychi suttka zatoch Gõy Moharaxttrant vechem nhoi punn tem vegllem urche khatir opinion pola vellar Romi lipientli Konknni vaporchea lokan purto tenko dil’lo. Haka lagun az Gõychem khaxeleponn urlem. Romi lipientli ani Kon’nodd lipientli Konknni borpavoll ani vavr polleun 1975 vorsa Sahitya Akademin Konknni sahityachi bhas mhonn manytay dili. Nagori lipient tednam bhov thoddi Konknni borpavoll asli. Gõyant chimttibhor borovpi Nagori lipient Konknni boroytale ani tech apli borpavoll vachtale. Tea vellar Gõyant Konknni mhonnlear Romi lipientli Konknni hem sot soglleank khobor aslem. Xiklolo Kristanv lok Purtugez ani Inglix vaportalo. Hindu lok choddso Marathi vachtalo ani boroytalo. Razbhas kaideache chollvollik poixeancho ani lokacho purto tenko konnem dil’lo? Amich. Romi lipientli Konknni vaportoleamni. Konknni chollvolli vellar mar khal’le ani jiv hogddaun ghetlole konnem? Amcheach lokan. Amkam fottoun amchea lokachea bollar apli Konknni ani Nagori lipi Gõychea Razbhas Kaideant aspaun ghetli. Konknni mhonnje Devonagori lipientli Konknni hem vakya Razbhas Kaideant ghalunk laylem. Konknni Gõychi Razbhas zali dekhun Gõyak ghottokrajeacho dorzo mell’lo ani 40 amdarank amcher raz korunk vatt meklli zali. Gham’ kaddunk Pavlu ani khaunk mat Panddu hi got itle dis amchi zal’li. Kama purte mama aslolea hannim amche hok nakarle. Punn pattlea chear vorsam pasun amche modlea kaim zonnamni kelolea vavrak lagun Konknnichea mollar novem pan ugtem zaunk laglem. Aichem hem sommelon bhaxe ani lipie mollavoili amchi suttka khunnayta. Itle dis amcho lok Nagori lipiechea ani tantum borounche Konknnichea gulamponnant jiyetalo ani aplem apleponn va osmitay ugtean dakhounk pattim sortalo. Razbhas kaido pas zatoch amcho lok nirxelo. Tankam dislem atam aple Konknnik man ani sthan na.

Sotakuch xevttim zoit mellta hi mhalgoddeanchim sangnni. Hi sangnni aiz khori zaunk laglea. Gõychi suttka zai meren dhove katiche pakle amcher raz choloytale. Gõychi suttka zatoch muttbhor kalle katichea Nagori akantvadeamni amchea iskolamni apli Konknni bhitor rigoun amchea lokak aple bolieche ani Nagori lipieche gulam’ kele. Hi tanchi axil’li, naxil’li Xixi Konknni boli ani Nagori lipi tancheach lokan azun mandun gheunk na hem ugddem sot ami visrunk favo na. Tancho lok ekuch Moratthi xikta na zalear Inglix xikta, bhov thodde Konknni xiktat.

Moratthichi bhirant sodam amchea loka modem posravpi hea Nagori akantvadeamni Konknni mollacher Romi lipientle Konknnichi ani Romi lipi vaportolea lokachi sodam nosay kelea ani add paim dileat. Dor eka mollar amcho vavr pusun kaddcho proytn te korit asat. Akantvadi armam gheun bhirant ani akant upzoytat. Nagori akantvadi aplem lipiechem ani Moratthichem arm gheun amcher akant haddtat. “Romi lipiechi magnni tumi korum nakat. Toxem tumi kelem zalear Moratthi Razbhas zatoli ani ek dis Gõy raj Moharaxttrant vetolem ani tumi sanddtoleat. Ami amchi hozar vorsanchi Moratthichi porom’pora soddun dilea. Tumi tumchi fokot 500 vorsanchi porom’pora soddunk kiteak pattim sortat? Romi lipi bhaili. Bhailo vistid Konknnik sobhona ani upkarna. Romi lipientle Konknnik dorzo na, ti zantteank mat zai. Atam tumchim bhurgim Nagori lipient Konknni xiktat ani kai bori amchi Konknni uloytat ani boroytat. Dekhun tumchi Romi lipi soddat ani Nagori gheyat. Ami soglleamni ek zaunk zai na zalear amche modem vantte fantte zatole ani dusman amcho faido uttoytole” osli fottingponnachi bhirant ganvar posravpi he akantvadi amchea lokachi mot chenchaytat ani tankam aple bolieche, sonvskrutiche ani Nagori lipieche gulam’ korun dovortat. He akantvadi bhov xanne. Razbhas Kaideant apli Konknni bhitor kaddtana Moratthi bhitor kaddunk te bilkul visrunk nant. Eke khankent tankam apli Konknni zai ani dusre khankent Moratthi zai. Apli cholaki vaprun fokot amchi Romi lipientli Konknni tannim bhair dovorli. Sorkaracheo don Akademio asat. Kala Akademi ani Goa Konknni Akademi. Kala Akademi adim Romi lipientlea borea eka pustokak puroskar ditali. 1987 pasun to puroskar diuncho bon’d korunk laylolo konnem? Sorkaran Romi lipiechea ekleak soit az meren Goa Konknni Akademicho odheokx mhonn nemunk na. Ami Mukhel montrea ani her montream lagim upkar magun soit sorkaran portean he pavtti Romi lipiechea vhoddlea dusmanak ani eka Nagori akantvadeak Goa Konknni Akademicho Odheokx nemla oxi gupit khobor aikunk yeta. Romi lipi vaporcho monis nemcho nhoi mhonn sorakaracher cheponn haddpi konn? Amchea tonddar Romi lipiek sorkaracho sogllo tenko mellunk zai mhonn godd godd sangpi pattlean amkam kitench diunchem nhoi mhonn amdarank ani montreank sangun pattlean amkam suri toppi konn? Hech Nagori akantvadi. 35% Gõykarank lipiechea nanavan bhair uddounchi va bhair dovorchi hi tanchi fituri visavea xekddeantli Gõyantli vhoddli fituri oxem ami mhonnli zalear amchi chuk kiteak zata?

Amkam tannim Romivadi mhonn hinnsayle, amche vatter kantte tannim ghale, addkholli ubeo keleo. Razhas kaido pas zaunche adim sorkara thavn Romi lipiek mellche puroskar ani her suvidha tannim bon’d korunk layleo. Aryan kull, Sonvskrut bhas, Nagori lipi ani apli zat povitr, unch ani bori hem bamonnvadachem aplem zan’vem dusreanchea golleant ghalunk te ratdis vavurtat. Bamonnvad mhonnje bamonnancho vad nhoi. Bamonnvad hem ek ghatmari chintop. Aplem mhonnlolem sogllem borem, unchlem, dusreanchem mat vaitt, sokoilea panvddeachem hea chintpak bamonnvad mhonntat. Ek bhas, ek lipi, ek sahitya ani ek somaz hem bamonnxayechem Nazi totv Konknni sonvsarant vistarchem misanv tanchem. Amche modlea kaim zonnank machiechi va podvechi axa dakhoun ani thoddeank tanche zaticho ugddas korunk laun tanche vatten voddun gheun vichitr nanvachi vichitr sonvstha ghoddoun haddun amchea loka modem futt ghalchem noxttem kam’ tannim kelam. Tanchea hea chintpak amche modle dolle asun kudd’dde, kan asun bhere, tondd asun mone zal’le kaim menddre bolli poddleat. Nosayen bhorlolea kallkachea hea puzareank az har apnnaunchi poddlea.

Ekunnisavea ani visavea xekddeantlo Asaganvcho Fr. Sebestião Dalgado Konknni zannkar ani Sonvskrut ponddit. Konknnichi lipi Nagori aschi hem tachem chintop aslem. Konknni - Purtugez dikxonorint tannem Nagori ani Romi lipeo vaporleo. Punn uprant tachench chintop tannem pallunk na. Tachem urlolem sogllem borovp Romi lipient tannem kelem ani chhapun haddlem. Hi sot khobor zanna asun soit he bamonnxay posravpi kallkache puzari amkam hinnsaun sangtat ami khoim Dalgadachem nanv vaprun tachim totvam pallinastana tachea nanvacho vaitt vapor kortanv. Hea kallkachea puzareank az ami spostt sangunk zai, “Papiamno, Dalgadachea nanvan xoboy ghalum nakat. Dalgado xanno monis aslo. Taka aplem chukichem chintop kollun ailem, dekhun tannem Nagori lipi bhair marli ani Romi lipi apnnayli. Haka lagun tachi Konknni borpavoll sonvsarbhor lokak vachunk mell’li ani Konknnicho bavtto tannem sonvsarbhor uboylo. Tumchea Xennoy bhaxen Nagori lipich vengoun to boslolo zalear az taka fokot Gõyant mat muttbhor lokuch vollkota aslo. Dalgadan 100 vorsam adinch apnnem zaun bhair marlolem tachem chintop gheun, tea chintpachi topi amchea mathear ghalunk tumi atam amkam tachea nanvan fottaxeo sangum nakat. Tumkam zai zalear tumi Nagori lipiechi topi korun tumchea matheak ghalun bhonvat na zalear tacho valo korun bhenddak bandat. Amchi kaim addkholl na. Sorkaracho kitench tenko nastana itlim vorsam ami amchi Konknni samball’lea ani ti vaddoylea. Tumkam dhir ani takot aslear sorkaracho duddu gheunche bon’d korat. Fokot tumchea bollar tumchi Konknni ani Nagori lipi 50 vorsam choloun dakhoyat. Himmot asa zalear hem poilem korat ani magir tumchim xapotam amkam sangat”.

“Ami paxiens kaddpi xant gunnache monis. Hacho orth oso nhoi sodam kall ami onit sosun tumche gulam’ ravtole. Atam amkam zag ailea ani tumcho rag aila. Ami tumkam bott dilem. Tumi amcho hat gill’lo. Atam tumi amkam akhkhe gillunk sodtat. Tumchea pasantli ani ghasantli ami amchi suttka korun ghetlea. He fuddem amche bhaxecho bavtto amchea hatant gheun ticho fuddar ami tharoytoleanv ani ghoddoytoleanv. Tumchi vatt tumkam dovrun amchi vatt sodun kaddun tantlean ami choltoleanv. Atam tumi amkam addavunk sokche nant. Kiteak tumche dis sompleat. Tumchim tim ddhongi nattkam tuminch khellchim poddtolim ani tuminch tim polleunchi poddtolim. Itle dis tumi amkam, tumchea mon bhulopi godd godd utramni fosoyle ani amchea ghamachem rogot piyeun tumi dis kaddle. Tumkanch lagun tumchi Konknni fuddem geli na va amchi Konknni fuddem vochunk tumi soddli na. Ekvottachea nanvan tumchea kopotti zallant ami xirkoleanv ani ghusmottun urleanv. Tumchea gulamponnantli suttka atam ami korun ghetlea. He fuddem tumchea angnnant ami fugddi ani dekhnni nachchenanv. Konknni mollar itle dis tumi choloyl’lem bhattkarponn atam somplem. Konknniche munddkar ami, atam tumchea dolleam mukhar bhattkar koxe bhonvtoleanv ani tumi amcher ghal’leo boliecheo, lipiecheo ani her sanklli toddun moddun suttkechi jinn ami zogtoleanv. Atam amche vatter durgam ubim korum nakat. Az pasun tumche vatte poros amchi vatt veglli astoli. Kiteak tumi amche vangdda naslech. Tumi fokot tumchea svartha khatir amcho faido kaddun ghetlo. Usaros piyetoch chivddam bhair martat toxem tumchem kam’ zatoch tumi amcho ghat kelo.”

Ixttamno, aichem hem sommelon mhonnlear amkam chepun dovorlolea amchea dusmananchea tonddar ami marlolem zoitache suttkechem ek sonnsonnit thapott. Punn visrum nakat hi fokot amchea zoitachi survat, xevott nhoi. Zoitachea sontosan ami az varear ubot ravunk favo na. Amche paim zomnir tenkun thonddsannen mukhli vatt ami sodchi poddtoli. Tache adim amche ixtt konn ani dusman konn hachi ami khatri kel’li bori. Gõyant Purtugez yeunche adim hanga lok Konknni uloitalo. Punn dharmik sahitya ani her borpavoll Moratthint zatali. Dekhun sollavea sotravea xekddeantlea Fransiskon ani Jezvit padrimni Kristanv loka khatir dharmik podya borpavoll Moratthint boroyli ani godya borpavoll Konknnint boroyli. Tonddar Konknni punn vachtana ani boroytana Moratthichi porom’pora adim pasun hanga asloli ti atam-i chaluch asa. Moratthi amchea Hindu bhavanchi ani bhoinninchi dhormachi bhas. Hem sot ami visrunk favo na. Gõyant Moratthi vachtolim ani boroytolim amchim dusmanam kedinch nhoi. Tannim amche Konknnik ani Romi lipiek virod kednanch korunk na. Ullttench zalear Konknni mhonnlear Romi lipientli Konknni hem tim sangot aileant. Romi lipiek sorkari tenko ani odhikrut manytay mellunk virod korpi konn? Nagori lipi vaportoleam modle fokot muttbhor akantvadi ani tanchea zomeant bhorti zal’le amche modle kaim dedd xanne. Ami kednanch Nagori lipi naka mhonnunk na va tika virod korunk na. Itlem asun soit te kiteak amkam virod kortat? Zap sompi asa. Amchea ghamar te fuddari zale, tannim nanv zoddlem, puroskar ghetle, KPA vellar lokache duddu ani uprant sorkarache lakhamni duddu aplea bolsant ghale ani hem duddu bhitor ghalchem kam’ chaluch asa. Romi lipientle Konknnik, sorkaran tenko dilo zalear apnnak mellta tem chukot ani Romi lipientli Konknnich fulot ravun Gõychi razbhas zatoli ani hanchi bamonnxayechi Xixi Konknni ek dis sompot hi tankam bhirant laglea. Nagrintli Konknni fokot loka thavn sorkarak melltolea duddvancher bendor koxi dis kaddta. He duddu mellche bon’d zale zalear hech Nagori akantvadi Moratthiche kuxin uddi martole ani apunn sodanch Moratthiche bhokt asle hem ddhong korun dakhoytole. Konknnichea nanvan xoboy ghaltana tannim azun Moratthi soddunk na. Te azun Moratthi vachtat, boroytat, tantle puroskar soit ghetat ani devosponn fokot tech bhaxent kortat. Fokot amkam Romi lipientli Konknni soddunk te xapotam sangtat. Apli Xixi Konknni amcher thapun, porot ek pavttim bhaxechea ani sonvskrutichea mollar te amkam battaunk sodtat ani sodam kall tanche savllent dovrunk polletat. Hi tanchi fituri amchea sadea ani bhollea lokak somzona.

Amchea desant thoim hanga akantvadi hol’le kortat ani niroporadhi lokacho jiv kaddtat hem ami zannanv. Hea akantvadeank ekuch dhortat va marun uddoytat va te pollun vetat. Punn Konknni mollavele Nagori akantvadi veglleach prokarache. Tanchim hatiaram mhonnlear apli boli, Nagori lipi, podvi ani cholaki. Him hotiaram vaprun, te Konknnichea mollar jitlo faido asa, to fokot apnna bhitor vanttun ghetat. Konknnichea mollar jitle sorkari zage asat title apnnak te melloun ghetat. Apunn masache kuddke khatana avaz uttoytoleank haddache kuddke uddoytat ani tanchim tonddam bon’d kortat. Hea Nagori akantvadeank sompounk ani tanche hol’le thambounk ami atam ekktaim yeunchi ani vavr korchi goroz. Mukhlim pavlam ami dhiran ani ekkvottan marchim poddtolim. He nodrentlean kaim suchovnneo tumche mukhar manddtam:

1. Ami Konknni monis. Hem amchem apleponn ani vhoddponn. Sonvsarant khoincheay somudayacho lok apli avoybhas ulounk lozona. Fokot Gõyant apnnak Gõykar mhonnpi amich Konknni ulounk loztanv. Konknni mhonnlear renderanchi, poderanchi, kharveanchi, kumbaranchi, moddvollanchi, thovoyanchi, chakranchi, munddkaranchi, tiatristanchi ani sokoilea lokachi bhas oslem chukichem chintop Gõyant azun asa. Hea chintpachea gulam’ponnantle ami bhair yeunk asa. He fuddem obhimanan amchea ghoramni ani Konknni mon’xam lagim, fokot Konknni uloytoleanv ho thir nichev az ami korum-ia. Amchi bhas ami uloynanv zalear ani ti ulounchi ani ti voir kaddchi konnem? Her rajeam thaun yeun Gõyant vosti kortolea kamgar lokak ami ghantti hem utor vaportanv. Hem utor ami vaporchem nhoi, kiteak tantlean amchi seva korpi dubllea lokak ami dukhoytanv. Tem utor vaprunkuch zai zalear az pasun tem utor ami oxem vaporum-ia. Jim konn apunn Gõykar mhonntat, Gõyant zolmoleant ani Gõyantuch jiyetat punn Konknni ulounk toyar nant ani aplea ghorant Purtuges va Inglix tastat tankam ami ghantti mhonnum-ia. Tankam amchi manachi machi diunchi naka. Jim konn sobhemazar obhimanan apli Konknni, zaundi ti Saxttichi, Bardeschi, va dusri khoinchi-i Konknni boli uloytat tankanch ami amche machier bosunk zago dium-ia. Potta khatir ami Inglix ani her bhaso xikum-ia. Konknni amchea kallzachi bhas mhonntoch tika amchea ghorachi ranni korum-ia.

2. Konknni uloylearuch pavona. Ti ami vachchi ani thoddi tori borounchi goroz asa. Romi lipient uzvaddak yeunchim kaim nemallim asat. Tim ami vachum-ia. Hantlean amchi Konknni sudartoli. Nemallim choloytoleanchi umed ami vaddoytoleanv ani tankam amcho adar diunk pavtoleanv. Ho kall inttornettacho ani i-meilacho. Inttornettar ami Konknni vaporlear ti sonvsarbhor lokak pavta. Ek gozal ami ugddas dovorloli bori. Romi lipi fokot Kristanvanchi ani Gõykaranchich nhoi. Ti sogllea sonvsarachi lipi. Tika jatkat, dhorm lagona. Romi hi ekuch lipi, sogllea Konknni lokak ektthaim haddunk ani dovrunk sokta. Nagori akantvadi aple lipie vixim kitlim-i xapotam sangum, ti lipi azun lokamogall zaunk na ani he fuddem zaunchi na. Sahitya Akademi ani Jnanpitth puroskar mell’lolea Konknni borovpeanchi pustokam khoponant dekhun heach vorsa Otubr mhoineant tim Ponnje bos sttenddar bhiknnam viktat toxim sopeancher posrun zaiti sutt diun vikunk dovorlolim. Itlem korun soit thoddinch pustokam vikun gelim. Nagori pustokam poros bhiknnank Gõyant chodd khop asa hantum dubav na. Nagori lipientle Konknnik Gõyant ani Gõyam bhair fuddar na. Kerollant Konknni borounk kaim bamonn, Molyallom’ lipi vaportale. Uprant tannim Gõychi dekh gheun Nagori ghetli. Atam Kerollant Konknni melea ani Konknni lok mat jivo asa! Tannim apli Molyallom’ lipi chalu dovorloli zalear hi got tancher yeunchi nasli. Hi got amchea Gõyant zaunk favo na. Amkam bhas gorjechi, lipi nhoi. Lipi fokot bhaxechem bhailem ek nhesonn. Bhaxe khatir lipi asa. Lipie khatir bhas na hem sot ami somzun gheum-ia. Lipiek lagun Gõyant amchi Konknni morunk ami diunchi naka.

3. 2007 vorsa pasun Kornattokantlea Konknni lokan lokxay rit vaprun aple Konknnichi lipi Kon’nodd ho tharav ghetlo ani iskolamni tannim sove klaxi thaun apli Konknni Kon’nodd lipient xikounk suru kelea. Hea vorsa 101 iskolamni thoim Konknni xikoytat. Hantlim 4 sorkari iskolam soddlim zalear urlolim 96 iskolam Kristanvanchi. Thoinche chear Nagori bokdde ani hangache chaer menddre ektthaim zale ani Kornattokachea sorkaracher tannim dobav ghalun iskolamni Nagori lipich Konknnichi lipi korunk pollelem. Punn Eric Ozario hachea fuddarponna khal lokan tem korunk soddlem na. Atam Kornattokant Konknni Kon’nodd lipient va zai zalear Nagori lipient xikounk zata. Pustokam ani bhas mat veglli. Nagori zai mhonn thoim bobo ghaltoleamni aple eke xallent soit azun Konknni xikounk suru korunk na! Romi lipientli Konknni iskolamni ek vixoy mhonnun xikounk suru korunk sorkara lagim, xikxonn khatea lagim ani iskolanchea vhoddilam lagim ami magnni korcho vell pavla. Ho suyog ami soddunk favo na. Hea sommelona vellar hacher kholayen vichar zaunk zai. Sindhi bhas Farsi-Arbi lipent ani Nagori lipent iskolamni xikunk mellta. Tosloch hok amkam Gõyant mellunk zai ani to veginch melloun gheunchi zobabdari amchi soglleanchi.

4. Gõychem khaxelponn urunk Konknni zai. Konknni urunk Romi lipi ani te lipientli Konknni gorjechi. Amchea eka kovin mhonnlam:
“Konknni mayek vivid lipio
Ticheo teo sobit saddio.
Ekuch lipi, tuji boli
Dusreancher thapunk vexi
Tuji lipi urtoli
Konknni mat mortoli.”
Mhonntoch Gõyant Konknni fulunk, Razbhas Kaideant Nagori lipiek jitleo suvidha ani odhikrut zago asa titloch man ani zago Romi lipiek sorkaran vegim diunk nettan ami vavr korchi goroz. Rajkaronni amkam utor ditat ani uprant fottoytat. Machier choddtoch te Romi lipie khatir tannim kitem kelam tachi volleri te amkam rongoun sangtat. Ami veginch Romi lipiek hem ditoleanv ani tem kortoleanv osleo fottaxi te martat ani ami tancher visavas dovrun tankam tallio martanv. Amkam atam tanchim fokot pokim utram nakat. Tancher ami patieun ravunk zaina. Fottaxeo marunk ani virod partik taschea kamant te ekdom’ huxar. Romi lipiek sorkaran kitem adar dium yeta tem ami jerul korun ghetoleanv mhonn te amkam portun portun sangtat ani ghanneak bandlolea boila bhaxen te amkam ghunvddaytat. Amche Konknni khatir kitem korunk asa tem tannim poilem korun dakhounchem ani magir tankam ami tallio marum-ia.

Itlem asun soit atam meren khoincheach amdaran va montrean korunk naslem amchem kam’ atanchea mukhel montrean thoddem tori kelam. Romi lipie vixim thoddem tori borem mon tannem dakhoylam hantum dubav na. Punn tannem amche khatir azun zaitem korchem urlam. Soglleank visvasant gheun bhaxecho prosn apunn soddoytolom hem utor tannem pattle vidhan sobhent dil’lem. Punn azun kaim zal’lem dixtti poddona. Az Mukhel montri hanga mukhel soiro mhonn hajir asa. Tache kodde az ami portun eka avazan magum-ia: “Amkam sorkarachi va konnaichi bhik naka, kakllut naka, upkar nakat ani favor nakat. Ami he Gõyche bhuinchim bhurgim. He bhuint amkam zago asa ani hok asat. Amkam Razbhas kaideant, amchea hokacho soman dorzo vegim diyat ani amcher Nagori akantvadeamni ani amdaramni kel’li onit sasnnachi kaddun uddoyat. Amche matient amchi maim-bhas samballunk ani ti fulounk tumi amkam tumche hat diyat ani ami tumkam amcho hat ditolim. Na zalear fuddle venchnnuke vellar kitem korunk zai tem ami tharaytolim ani amcho hok ami zhuzun jikun ghetolim. Lokxayent lokachi takot soglleant vhoddli hem tumi visrum nakat.

Gõychea mhojea bhavamno ani bhoinnimno, xevttim tumkam itlench sangtam. Uttat. Zagim zayat. Itlea vorsanchi tumchi nid, allsay ani susegadponn soddun diyat. Tumchea ghorant Nagori akantvadeamni aplem ghott pennem kelam ani tumkam tumcheach ghorantlim bhair ghalun tumchem ghor aplench korunk te manddnni kortat. Tumchea hokam khatir, tumche Konknni khatir, Romi lipie khatir avaz uttoyat. Ho dis tumcho. Oslo dis porot tumkam mellchona. Az, vhoi azuch eka monan ani eka avazan tumkam nit magat ani ti mellosor ekvottan vavrat ani goroz poddlear chollvoll suru korat. Na zalear tumchi Romi lipientli Konknni Gõyant somptoli ani tiche vinnem tumchem apleponn ani Gõykarponn sasnnak na zatolem. Hem vaitt tumkam zal’lem zai va naka? Zoitacho bavtto tumchi vatt rakta. To apnnayat ani dusmanank haroyat. Tumcho fuddar tumche bhaxecher ani lipiecher asa. Dekhun tumche bhaxe ani lipie khatir avaz uttoyat. Tumcho fuddar fokot tumchea hatant asa.

Romi lipientle Konknnik zoi, zoi.
Tumkam somestank Dev Borem Korum.

Dr. Pratap Naik, S.J.
Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr
Alto Porvorim, Gõy – 403 521

Monday, February 2, 2009

GRAF - Goan Review Art Foundation (2008)

Mumboint Konknnicho Vixv Dis monoilo

Mumboi Dabulantlea Goan Institute Hall-ant Agostache 23ver, 2008 Goan Review Art Foundation-an Konknnicho Vixv dis monoilo. Agostache 20ver, 1992 vorsa Konknni bhaxek Bharoti Ghottnneche 8ve vollerint bhitor kaddlolo dis to.

Tea disa Konknni Maneotayecho Dis mhonntat. GRAF-acho odheokx Xri Fausto V. Da Costa-n ulovp kelem ani Konknni lokak uloupant, boroupant ani soglleak Konknni bhas vapurchi mhonn ulo marlo.

Fanki Gõykar songitkar Milind Raicar dobajeacho mukhel soiro ani Konknni sahitik J B. Moraes manacho soiro aslo. Hea dobajea vellar potrkar Navin Kulshekar ani tiatrist Neves Oliveira hancho sotkar zalo.

Mumboint aslolea Konknni lokan tiatram ani potram-masikam vorvim Konknnicho vistar kelo. Hea Mumboikaramni Gõyam khatir borem yogdan dilam, lokmota vellar mhotvacho vavr kela punn atam Gõyant mat niz Gõykar mellunk borench kottin mhonn Fausto Costan sanglem.