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2nd Konkani (Roman Script) Literary and Cultural Convention

2nd Konkani (Roman Script) Literary and Cultural Convention held at Kudchodem

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"Only Konkani language in all script and not in a particular script,
can save Goan culture and Goan identity." - Tomazinho Cardozo.

Goa, Feb 22: 2nd Konkani (Roman Script) Literary and Cultural
Convention held at Kudchodem was held at Frank Fernands Nagar,
Ravindra Bhavan, Kudchodem, Goa on 20th and 21st February. The
programme was organised by the Dalgado Konkani Akademy of Goa.

A colourful venue was setup for the programme and the venue was named
after welknown Konkani film personality Late Frank Fernand and the
main stage was named after Late Albert S Carvalho.

The programme started with the procession lead by the traditional
music. Welcome committee president Fr. Manuel Gomes, Working President
of the organizing committee Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo, main speaker Fr.
Bonaventure D'Pietro, MLA of Kudchodem Mr. Shyam Satardekar, MLA of
Kepem Mr. Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar, Dalgado Konkani Akademy President
Premanand A Lotlikar and the programme secretary Mr Walter Menezes
were present at the dais.

Former Goa Assembly speaker and the first president of newly formed
Tiatr Akademy of Goa Mr Tomazinho Cardozo explained the confusion of
language and scripts in Goa. "All Konkani people of Goa with whole
mind and soul worked for the cause of Konkani. They fought united
during the opinion poll and also to make Konkani a state language. But
unfortunately someone with a evil agenda inserted a phrase "Konkani in
Devnagiri" in a official language act of Goa. This phrase divided
Goans and thus started a controversy" he said. He explained the
importance of preserving Konkani written in all sects and all scripts,
there by making it to flourish it in all angles and directions. "Only
Konkani language in all script and not in a particular script, can
save Goan culture and Goan identity. " he affirmed. He also stressed
the need of uniting the broken society by uniting all scripts of
Konkani and giving equal importance to all."

Dalgado Konkani Akademy President Premnand A Lotlikar said that "We
extend our full support to Devnagiri script as we also give equal
importance to Roman script, Kannada script and other scripts of
Konkani. Thus our work strategy is very clear. But the intention of
the people who insist on 'One Language, One script and One society' to
destroy the Konkani of the people of other scripts, dialects and
sects. This is nothing but a fascist idea. These people need to accept
this fact for the healthy growth of the Konkani language even if it is
bitter to them to digest." he advised

"The light of Konkani language needs to be lead by the youngsters"
said Fr. Manuel Gomes in his welcome speech. "The taste of milk and
honey of Konkani language was first tasted in seventeen century
because of the hard work of European missionaries. They had brought
out several Konkani books in Roman script. But later on the Konkani
had a deep sleep. There were several reasons for this sleep and the
key one was the mad order given by Mr. Conde De Alvor prohibiting
people to speak, read and write Konkani. Konkani in Roman script has
the history of more than five hundred (500) years and this is the
major yardstick for Konkani language to get the state language
status." he informed.

Fr. Bonaventure D'Pietro said that "There is a vast history of the
contribution of Roman script in the development of Konkani language.
When I was in Mumbai in 1963 there were atleast 6 Konkani weeklies in
Roman script. Konkani people used to work selflessly even sacrifying
their basic needs of food and shelter. But when the grant came from
the Govt the Devnagiri lobby was shrewd enough to corner it only to
their people. They did not want the real workers to get the funds.
They pre-decided the awardees and then published their books and
managed to gather all the funds only for themselves. But Fr Freddy
D'Costa and others stood like a pillar to fight against this
injustice. Unfortunately he met with an accident. This was a major
setback. But once again Tomazinho and others have come together to
fight this injustice." he said.

The following dignitaries were honoured for their contribution for the
development of Konkani.
01. Mathews Antonio Pereira - Theatre Personality
02. Mr Anthony Menezes - Konkani Writer
03. Mrs Assumption Martinha Rodrigues e Pereira - Radio Artist, Singer, Dancer
04. Abdanio Rodrigues - Musician, Composer, Singer
05. Fr. Nixon DSilva - Musician
06. Dr Jayanti Nayak - Folklore Schollar
07. Fr. Planton Faria - Journalist, Founder Editor of Gonychim Kirna
Konkani Fortnightly
08. Luciano Dias - Singer and Tiatr Artist
09. Merlin Rosaria Fernandes - Young Poetess
10. Milton Rodrigues - Young Poet, Story Writer
11. Venisha Fernandes - Young Poetess
12. Vincy Quadros - Journalist, Konkani Activist

MLA of Kudchodem Mr Shyam Satardekar said that "The outsiders come to
Goa, teach us their language. But we Goans blend to them and forget
our language." He also supported the noble cause of Dalgado Konkani
Akademy in giving due respect to the Konkani in Roman script.

MLA of Kepem Mr Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar praised the organisers for
galvanising a large crowd for the cause of Roman script Konkani.
Preserving Goan identity is the need of the hour he said. The
secretary of the organising committee Mr. Walter Menezes gave vote of

Two sessions were held on 21st. The theme of the morning session was
"Youngsters and their future" which was moderated by Fr. Kyriel
D'Souza. Mr. Vincy Quadros, Mr. Titus Noronha and Mr. Pandarinat D
Lotlikar presented their papers.

The theme of the evening session was "Development of Konkani
literature through the Roman script. The session was moderated by Dr.
Rafael Fernandes. Fr. Louis Alvares, Mr. Anil Kumar and Fr. Pratap
Naik presented their papers.

Three resolutions were passed during the convention. 1. Demanding the
Govt to give equal status to Roman script Konkani in the language act.
2. The stopped Kala Akademy awards for Roman script Konkani to be
revoked. 3. To urge Govt to build a full fledged auditorium in Panaji
for the Tiatr and other Konkani activities.

Kudchodem-Kakoda Muncipal Corporation President Mr Paresh Bhende was
the chief guest of the concluding ceremony. In his speach he said that
while coming to the venue he was instructed by someone not to praise
the cause of Roman script of Konkani. But he said that he extends his
wholehearted support for this cause taken by Dalgado Konkani Akademy.
He himself believe that one particular script or dialect can not
preserve the identity of Goan culture. Sahity Akademy Award winner Mr.
Jess Fernandes, organising committee working president Tomazinho
Cardozo, Dalgado Konkani Akademy President Mr Premanand A Lotlikar
also spoke during this occasion. Organising committe tresurer Mr.
Thomas C Fernandes welcomed the gathering, Dalgado Konkani Akademy
secretary Mr Jose Salvadore Fernandes gave Vote of thanks.

"Zayat Zage" Tiatr by Prince Jacob and other cultural items were also
presented during this occasion.

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Pordesant Konknnichi Seva

Pordesant Konknnichi Seva

Febrerache 20 & 21ver 2010, Curchorem Ravindra Bhavan sobhaghoran, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) ghoddoun haddlolem dusrem, Konknni Romi Lipi Sahitya & Sonskruti Sommelon somoyar ek Yadostik (souvenir) uzvaddak haddlo. Hea yadostikacher Pordesant Konknnichi Seva Team-icho lekhok ani kovi Lino B. Dourado, hancho; ek voznadik lekh chhapun aila to, hangasor pordesantle Goykarank odik korun Kuveitche-Goykarank vachpa khatir ami ditat.

Gaspar Almeida

Pordesant Konknnichi Seva

Khoinchea-i zatiche Gõykar te zaum, pordesan vetana aplea bhorim osmitay, sonvnskrutay ani Gõychi poromporik kola vorunk mat visro nant. Gõykar khoinsoruch te vosum, apli sonvskrutay samballchea khatir te poilea suvater, dusrea Gõykaranchi ixttagott zhoddun ek lhanxi sonstha ghoddun haddtole. Zo Gõykar apli bhaxea bore toren somzota to Gõykar aple sonvskrutichem mothv zanno asta. Ani dekhunuch, Kuveitt osle lhan desant Gõykaramni lhan toxeo vhodd sonstha ghoddun haddleat ani aple avoy bhaxechi veg-veglea panvdeacher ravun, seva kortat. Adim tem atam meren Kuveittant vosti kortoleam Konknni mogi bhav-bhoinnamni Konknni bhaxek pavla konnkonni nett ani tenko dila ani di’it asat. Konknni bhaxek kaidean manache uncha sodrer bosunchea vellar Kuveittanle Gõykaramni Konknni sovem kherit mog ani husko dakhoilo to mat konnachean visrunk zaina. Dor ek Gõykar aple avoy bhaxecho mog-apurbay, pordesan prokasunk fattim ravonant. Kuveittche desan Konnnnicheo sabar sonstha, sonvskrutik kariavolleo, Konknni khariakrom, tiatr, Konknni Ek Ankhi Nattkulim Spordha, adi, adi machier haddun Kuveittan Konknni bhas jivi dovortat. Kaim sonsthani Konknniche seva khatir omor ugddasache teag keleat ani kortat te, tumche somor dovorpak mhaka khub anond bhogtta.

Arab Saibinninchim Ballkam: Kuveittantli ‘Holy Family Cathedral Church’ Arab Saibinink bhettoilea ani hatunt dor Aitara sanjechea 3.30 ani 4.30 voranchim Misam Konknnileant zatat. ‘Arab Saibinninchim Ballkam’, ho ekuch Gõycho Konknni gayon monddol. Sanjechea 3.30 voranchea Misant vantto ghetoleank, tanchim suvadik Konknnilean bhoktti gitam aikun Gõyant aslea vorim dista. Dor vorsa May mhoineant ‘Konknni Choir Day’ vhodda dobajean sorombhtat. ASB-cho gayon monddol, 28 vorsancho zala. Hatunt Gõychea sabar ganvchea bhav-bhoinnancho aspav asa, ani sodeak monddolacho mukheli Lazarus Menezes zaun asa.

Kuwait Konknni Kendr Kandoleche A. Veronica Fernandes, hanchea fuddariponnan 1984 vorsa ‘Kuwait Konknni Kendr’ ghoddun haddlo. Pordesant Konknni bhaxechi zagrutay ani Gõychi sonvskrutay jivi dovorpak kendracho mukhel hetu zaun asa. Sonvskrutik kariavolleo, tiatr, poilech pavtti Manddo Utsov Kuveittan keleat. Sorgest Fr. Antonio Pereira hanchea ‘Konknni Voparinchem Bhanddar’ pustokak, 10 hozar rupieanchi mozot khelea ani Konknni mullavem xikxonnanchi pustokam chappun haddpak 25 horanchem dan ‘Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr’-ak dileat. Konknni pasot KKK-chem vhodd yogdan mhonllear Konknnileant Novem Goem disallem uzvadda haddpak Kuveittchea Konknni mogieanchea adharan ‘Novem Goem Pratishtan Kuwait Somiti’ ghoddun, sumar 5 lak rupianchi ten’nachea Novem Goem Pratishtan-ank mozot dil’li asa.

United Club of Utorda-Kuwait Kuveittant nokri korche korun thoddeamni lipun asloli kola machier dakovpachi umed dakhoili ten’na ‘UCU-Kuwait’ fuddem sorun novea borovpeank, digdorspeank, kolakarank ut’tejon divnk ‘Konknni Ek Ankhi Nattkutlim Spordha’ 2002 vorsa savn suru korun Kuveittant Konknni mollar ek itihas rochlo. Khub zonnani segid spordhen bhag ghevn aple artichi kopxi dakhoili ani tatuntle thodde aiz Gõyam vhodd kollakar koxe machier porzotat ani te zaun asat Simon Gonsalves-Chalis Dis ani Chalis Rati famad dhormik tiatracho digdorspi (Poilech pavtti Kuveittchea itihasan tacho to tiatr korezmachea disamni UCU-Kuwait hasrea khal machier haddlolo) ani dusro Ignatius de Xelvonn.

Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonstha: Utodd’decho tiatrist Marcus Vaz-achea mukhelponnan 2002 vorsa KGTS sthapli. Kuveittant rabito korun aslole nanv voste tiatrist he sonstheche vangddi asat ani dor vorsa ‘Konknni Songit Sanj’ kariokram machier haddun Koknnileant bori kormonunk Konknni tiatr pollenarank divn Konnnichi seva kortat. Teach porim sahit’yechem mothv zanom aslole KGT-Sonsthen Abril 2007 vorsa Goem Kalapurche lekhok Shri Brazinho Soares, hanchem ‘Opareancho Jhelo’, Kuveittche Holy Family Igorjiche Vigar Rev. Fr. Melvin D’Cunha-chea hatantleant vimorson kelam ani Brazinho-babacho bhovman kela.

Kala Mogui-Kuwait: Konknnichi seva korcheli tachea rogtantuch asa. “Ze sagear Konknni asa thoim hanv hajir asam” , oxem KMK-cho odheox Xri Domingo Araujo mhonnta. 2000 vorsan, kaim borea deknnareank ulo marun KMK sonstha ghoddun Konknnichi seva khatir panvl ukhol’lolem tem aiz meren xantikayecho, ekvottacho marg dor ek Gõykaran koxe toren apnavpak zai tem bes toren hi sonstha veglozar visrun, sogott Kuveittche Gõykarank mogachea pinzrean dovorchem tancho mukhel vavr. Gõychem poilem rongit masik ‘Gulab’ bond poddpache poristithir pavlolem, tea vellar khub zonnank dukhlem. KMK odheoxan, fuddarponn ghevn kosoi tori 25 vorsancho zal’lo Gulab morun divncho nhoi mhunn KMK hasrea khal 25 Konknni mogeanchi ek ‘Gulab Working Committee’ ghoddun, vorixtt Konknnilean kariokram machier haddun Gulab masikacheo pakotte bhavun votaleo teo porot jiveo dovorleo ani Gulab dor mhoineank vachpeanchea hatant poddtta toxem kelem. Aichea electronic media-k lagun sonvsarachea eka konxeachi khobor dusrea konxeak sekenda bhitor internet-a velean pavtti zata, ani hatunt Gõykar unnem nant mhunn Kuveittan borech tempavele vosti korun aslole Ulysses Menezes (Bastora) ani Gaspar Almeida (Parra) 1994 vorsa savn, hem mavlle tholl suru kelam. Hem ekuch mavlle thollan, Romi lipi borovpeank 40 tok’ke zago bhettoila, ani dekhunuch vorixtt namneche Konknni lekhok, kovi hanchi borpavoll hea mavlle thollar vachunk melltolean, disan dis sonvsarak ximpoddlolea Goykaram modim prosidh zata. Ulysses Menezes ani Gaspar Almeida hanchi ani ek onek toren Konknnichi seva mhonlear tannim poilem ontoraxtrik internet Kokani Music Station online rochlam.

Anikui sonstha asat teo, Konknni khatir pordd’dea fattlean ravun khubxi Konknnichi seva kortat. Konknni khatir dusro kitlo meren vavurta ani lagim asa tem monneponnan polletat ani tachi thoknnai ani bhovman korpak fuddem sortat ani tatuntli ek sonstha zaun asa ‘Goan Cultural Center-Kuwait’. Ho lekh borovpean, ‘’, hea mavlle thollar 101 kovita uzvaddak haddlolean, GCC-Kuwait hannim, Crown Plaza hea 5 nokhetri hotelant Kuveittche Indian Embassy-ntlea First Secretary for Education and Information V.K. Mahajan, hanchea hatantlean sotkar kela. Oi! Hench zaun asa Kuveitt-Gõykaranchem Konknni bhaxe sovem vhoddponn ani motteponn.

Ani nimnnem mhonlear, Verneche T-Bush-n ‘BLACK – Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’ poilem Konkani E-cinema toyar korun ani vhodd sinemachea podd’dear dakhoun bhagarachea okxoran apnnalem nanv boroun, pordesan Konknnicho itihas rochlo

Lino B. Dourado

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dusrem Konknni (Romi Lipi) Sahit'ya ani Sonvskruti Sommelon 2010

To: Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter

Dusrem Konknni (Romi Lipi) Sahit'ya ani Sonvskruti Sommelona khatir e-chitti udexim tumkam amontronn dhaddtam.

Tumi tem tumchea net-avelea 'contact'-antlean pordexantlea sogott Gõykarank ani Konknni mogiank pavtem korchem. Tanche anvdde tori amchea vangdda astele.

Salvador Fernandes
konknno at